Social Media

Are you overwhelmed by social media? How much time do you spend on social platforms? Run the numbers and ask yourself if your time would be better spent with clients rather than social media. If the answer is yes, then you’re ready for a Social Media Manager.

Social media management is a service that I provide for small businesses and real estate professionals. Here’s how we get started.

1. Look at Your Current Social Media Accounts

Do you have the social media accounts that you need? Are they set up correctly with consistent images and branding? I’ll help you decide which social media platforms to focus on and create cover images that reflect your brand.

2. Determine Your Social Media Goals

The shotgun approach isn’t effective in social media. We’ll set short-term and long-term goals and decide which metrics we’ll use to measure our marketing success. How many Likes or Follows isn’t an effective metric. One example of a better metric would be the number of website visitors from the social media platforms.

3. Create a Social Media Marketing Plan

Once we have your accounts and your goals, we can create a marketing plan. Each piece of content and each listing needs to be syndicated to social platforms in different ways. We’ll need specific graphic images sized appropriately for each platform. Our marketing plan will include a “drip calendar” so that we spread out the impact of social media over time rather than have it all publish on the same day.

As you can imagine, an effective social media marketing plan is rather complex. Checklists and editorial calendars keep us organized. Professional online software gives us tools to handle several social platforms at once.

My team of skilled virtual assistants work closely with me to publish the social content consistently and on the appropriate days and times.

Are you ready to free up hours of your time? Are you ready to focus on clients and let us handle the social media? Contact me today!