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Website Management – for convenience and security

Do you open your WordPress dashboard every morning? Do you update your plugins and delete spam daily? Do you keep up with latest news about WordPress security?

I do that and lots more, and I can do that for you, too, before you even have your first cup of coffee!

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Website owners often think that a website is “set it and forget it” but nothing could be further from the truth. Hackers around the globe are looking for websites – large and small- so they can infiltrate the code. Some hackers are simply malicious, which is bad enough. Others are data mining, and we see the results of that in the news every week.

Your website has lots of moving parts which are susceptible to attack. When vulnerability is found, updates need to be made on your website quickly.

When I manage your website I look “under the hood” every day… and sometimes more often when I see irregular activity.

And best of all… Unlimited Edits and Small Tasks!** Yes, it’s true! I’m there for you.

  • *Edits and small tasks do not include adding new pages or new themes.
  • *Although your site will be monitored and managed, Camden Web Marketing can not guarantee that your site won’t get hacked. Even the Pentagon got hacked.


When Nancy re-designed my website she also helped me strategize about my website and business goals. Love, love, love the new look and I love her “no-worries” website management service. Thank you, Nancy, for all that you do to keep my website updated!

Patricia Smith

Amazon Seller and Coach, Resellers Road

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