Local Retail Stores Need e-Commerce.

Come-inYour retail store needs an e-commerce site to increase sales and expand your customer base, but there are several key steps to setting up an online store successfully. Without careful planning and marketing, your online store won’t succeed. It’s just that simple.

Questions to Ask Before You Begin

Answer these questions to help you plan your e-commerce site.

  1. Will this online store pull inventory from your local store, from a warehouse or from the manufacturer directly (drop shipping)?
  2. Will you set up new accounts for the online store?
  3. Will you sell the same brands and products that are in your current retail store?
  4. Who will manage your e-commerce store?
  5. What e-commerce platform will you use?

These questions are the starting point, but with any new business, there are continuous questions and decisions.

Getting Help Will Save You Time and Money

When you decide to open another location (your online store), I can save you time and simplify the process. I already know the questions to ask and how to communicate with vendors. I’m familiar with the e-commerce platforms and can help you select the one that best fits your business.  By speeding up the process and by guiding you in your decision-making, your e-commerce store is online faster and is ready to attract buyers.

Marketing Is the Secret Sauce

A common myth about e-commerce is that buyers will automatically and quickly find your store and purchase your products. Store owners sometimes forget that nothing happens without marketing. You are not in the clothing business, hardware business, shoe business, etc.  You are in the business of marketing. Once your store is ready, you need a strong marketing plan to jump start your sales. Camden Web Marketing specializes in making best use of your online marketing dollars. 

Find out if you’re ready for e-commerce. Call me to set an appointment to get your questions answered about an online store for you.  

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