Email Marketing

Need Help With Email Marketing?

Many local businesses struggle with 3 aspects of email marketing:

  1. How to gather customer emails.
  2. What content to send in the emails.
  3. How often to send emails.

I can help you turn those 3 problems into a strategy to build your business and get more customers in the door with email marketing.

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Email marketing  Email Marketing – Most Effective Marketing Channel

More than half of business owners say email is their most effective marketing channel – even more effective than social media. With email you can communicate regularly with your customers and turn strangers into delighted customers.

But what does it take to do good email marketing? Good email marketing is (1) valuable, (2) relevant and (3) expected. 

1. Good email starts with content that is valuable.

Good email marketing starts with the content that your subscribers want to read. Put yourself in their shoes and ask, is this something I would want to receive? Remember that your prospects don’t care about your company or your product – they care about their challenges and how you can help solve them. So create and share content that they’ll find useful and interesting.

2. Good email is relevant.

Divide your mailing list into segments/groups and then send each group content that is relevant to their interests and problems. Did a customer sign up for all of your emails or only emails that had coupons? Do they want to know about all of your products or only products related to their original purchase? Four out of ten subscribers reported that they’ve marked emails as spam simply because they were irrelevant. Avoid this trap by segmenting your email list and sending relevant content.

3. Good email is expected.

Not only is good email something your customers want to receive, it’s also something they expect to receive. That means that your subscriber has opted in and you are complying with CAN-SPAM requirements, including making it easy for your subscribers to opt out if they’d like to. However, sometimes simply complying with CAN-SPAM laws and sticking to your opt-in email list isn’t enough. Maintaining timely and consistent communications ensures that your emails are expected. Be sure to communicate from the start of the relationship, as click through rates decrease over time as your subscriber age increases, and trigger emails based on your subscribers’ behavior – those emails get more than double the click through rate compared to standard email messages.

Email marketing focused on your goals.

No more email marketing for the sake of doing email marketing. Every marketing activity should be tied to a goal – whether that goal is new leads, lead qualification, education, or even simply constant communication. Identifying what the goal is for each email helps you decide what that email should look like, and helps you measure whether or not it was successful.

Email marketing is only as good as the quality of your recipient list. Each year there is a natural decay of contact database, as people change jobs or email addresses. Multiple sources agree that the average contact database churns at a rate of 25-30% per year. If you aren’t replenishing your list with new, interested prospects each year, your email marketing will likely bottom out. So a key part of an effective email marketing strategy is top of the funnel lead generation.

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