Info for New Website Design Clients

Anyone can build a website, but it takes experience and training to build a website that works as a profit center and a lead generator for your business.  My job as your website developer is to help you present your business with clarity and focus.


How to Work with Nancy

  1. Start with a phone call to discuss your website goals and purpose.  
  2. Sign a contract that includes website goals and specific details, cost and payment plan.  
  3. Fill out an on-boarding form to give Nancy access to your website accounts, etc.  
  4. Meet with Nancy weekly in a video conference to discuss website specifics as the website is developed. 

Timeline is usually 6-8 weeks for a business website. Ecommerce websites take longer.


Your Website Message

To get the attention of prospective customers make sure your website can answer these questions quickly and clearly:

What do we offer?  (1 sentence)
How can it make our customer’s lives better? (1 sentence)
What do they need to do to buy it? (3-5 steps)
Why does this matter? (What happens if they don’t work with you?)


Storybrand Videos by Donald Miller

Please watch these 2 videos by Donald Miller so that we can apply the StoryBrand principles to your business website.

1.       Presentation at a conference:  

2.       Website reviews by Donald Miller  


Our Website Design Work Flow

  1. Set up a standing weekly appointment (1 hr)   
  2. Use Trello to plan & communicate.
  3. Determine your message (Donald Miller’s videos)
  4. Plan the menu navigation
  5. Plan the home page topics and layout
  6. Refresh or write new content to fit your website message
  7. Create a staging site for us to build the new website design without interrupting the current site.
  8. Work on Home Page only until satisfied
  9. Work on individual pages
  10. Work on sidebar & footer
  11. Remove unnecessary pages and redirect the url’s to prevent 404 errors
  12. Media library –
    1. delete unused images
    2. correct sizing on large images
    3. add SEO alt tags where missing
  13. Set up https if needed
  14. Run speed testing to find problems; fix problems
  15. If possible (depending on your hosting company) clean hosting files and database.
  16. Get approval from website owner to migrate the site to the “real” domain.
  17. Run final tests to find any migration issues.

New Client On-boarding Form

New website client on-boarding form



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