Social Media

Small business owners are told about the wonders of social media marketing, but who has time for that? And how do you get results? The first impulse is to simply hire “a young person” because they already have social media accounts, but I’ve seen that happen and the results aren’t good. Social media marketing requires marketing skills and experience.

Anyone can post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but professionals know how to read the data and match the posts to your customer avatar.

I am a social media manager for small local businesses and business professionals. It’s a perfect fit with website design because both skills require an in-depth understanding of the customer’s business and of their ideal clients/buyers.

My Free 3 Step Process to Get Started

I understand that small business owners and professionals have questions and want to see results. Here’s my free “Let’s Get Started” offer.

  1. I will set up or update social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and make sure that all of your social media accounts have your branding and correct information. There is no charge for this.
  2. Next, I post on one platform twice a day for one week without charge. This gives you an opportunity to see how I work before you hire me as your social media manager.
  3. After one week of posting, we meet to decide if we’re going forward together. If you’re ready to hire me, we sign a 6 month contract and create a social media marketing plan that includes special events, sales, brands, etc. The first month’s fee is due at contract signing.

 Call Nancy now at 573-366-8585. 

What Makes a Good Social Media Marketing Plan?

Each piece of content needs to be posted to social platforms in different ways. I create specific graphic images sized appropriately for each platform. Our marketing plan will include a “drip calendar” so that we spread out the impact of social media over time rather than have it all publish on the same day.

As you can imagine, an effective social media marketing plan is rather complex. Checklists and editorial calendars keep us organized. Professional online software gives me the tools to handle several social platforms at once.

Are you ready to free up hours of your time and get real results from social media? Call me today!  573-366-8585